The Year of the Novel  2015-16


Boulder Writing Studio's The Year of the Novel (aka YON) is a one-of-a-kind workshop/mentorship program designed to provide participating writers with ongoing instruction, 1-on-1 editorial consultation, private interaction with professional agents and published authors, and a close-knit community of peers for the duration of the 12-month program.


Led by Studio Director & award-winning author Robert Gatewood, YON was conceived as a more accessible and cost-efficient alternative to the low-res MFA program. It is also intended to provide a legitimate opportunity for aspiring writers who are already leading busy lives, working full-time jobs, raising children or entering into retirement, to fulfill the shared aspiration to write their own novel (everyone, at some point in time, has one living in their minds). Alumni from the inaugural YON program have since secured agents, won fellowships and been awarded grants in support of their work.


The general structure of The Year of the Novel includes 2 two-hour monthly group meetings on Monday evenings at Boulder Writing Studio, during which the group will engage in discussions on specific art & craft novel-writing topics and be provided with exercises and prompts tailored to support the development of their work.  Additionally, once a month each writer will meet with Robert for a 75 min. 1-on-1 consultation, during which time editorial suggestions and writing strategies for the upcoming month will be privately discussed and planned (writers will be given the opportunity to submit new manuscript pages to Robert in advance of each of their 12 private consultations). Robert will also provide writers with a comprehensive reading & review of their completed novel manuscripts, including editorial notes, revision techniques and general strategies for the rewrite process. In addition to Robert's input, writers will receive feedback on their completed drafts by a minimum of 2 of their fellow writers. There will also be exclusive events for YON writers throughout the year, including visits from agents, writers and editors currently working in the publishing industry.


The cost of The Year of the Novel is $3,600 for non-members, $3,240 for members and $3000 for writers participating in the program remotely (roughly 1/5 the cost of a 1-year low-res MFA program or 2/3 the cost of similar local programs). The initial registration fee to secure participation is $500. Subsequent payments can be made on a quarterly or monthly basis. Returning YON writers (as well as writers who wish to pay the tuition in full at the outset of the program) will receive an additional 5% discount.


YON '15/16 will be limited to 8 writers participating in-house + 2 writers participating remotely.