Teen Studio

Do you want to be a writer? Like anything else, it requires lots of practice, a touch of inspiration, and a supportive community of peers and mentors. 

Teen Studio guides young writers through the entire writing process, from idea to first draft, group critique to individual feedback, final edits to submitted manuscript. 

Courses in fiction, creative nonfiction and poetry immerse writers in the craft and contemporary practices of each form, in a small workshop format most writers aren't exposed to until college or graduate school. Teen Studio classes are led by BWS's seasoned instructors--skilled mentors with years of experience as teachers, editors, and writers.  

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The Teen Studio series will culminate in a public reading of original work for friends and family in the spring. 

Teen Studio is open to writers of all levels, age 13 and up. Classes take place after school from 4:30 to 6:00pm at Boulder Writing Studio, 777 Pearl Street, Suite 211.  

For more information, contact Carla Riccio at carla@boulderwritingstudio.org