January 11th-
 February 15th

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Teen Studio
Experiments in Creative Nonfiction

Creative nonfiction is one of the most mysterious and flexible forms in modern writing. In this 6-week workshop, writers will  explore their own personal voice and the many different ways  that voice can be expressed.  

Each week, we'll look at authors who push the boundaries of personal narrative, using common everyday forms--lists, letters, manuals, questionnaires--as structures for surprisingly personal stories. Through brainstorming and writing prompts, we'll use these experimental angles as models for our own original work  and in the process discover exciting new avenues to collect and express our own unique perspective. 

Workshop time will be devoted to readings, in-class writing, and constructive feedback on works in progress.

Ages 13 and up. Teen Studio will continue on weekday afternoons throughout the school year. 


6 sessions
w/Carla Riccio