October 5th-October 26th

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Teen Studio
Fiction: Character First

Do you want to be a writer? Like anything else, it requires lots of practice, a touch of inspiration, and a supportive community of peers and mentors. 

In the first installment of our Teen Studio series, writers will explore the many layers of character: how to create a complex hero, how characters and their motivations advance plot and generate conflict, and  the essential interplay between the narrative passage and the live action scene.

Through a variety of exercises and readings, our goal is to  provide young writers with imaginative challenges and a dose of confidence and craft they can carry forward to complete original works of fiction. 

Taught by acclaimed writer and Studio Director Robert Gatewood, this Teen Studio workshop is a unique opportunity for young writers to expand their writing practice with a master mentor. 

Ages 13 and up. Teen Studio will continue on Thursday afternoons throughout the school year. 


4 sessions
w/Robert Gatewood