June 17th-21st

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Teen Studio Camp:
Magic Realism

Have you ever thought about using your dreams in a story? Wanted to write a character who could fly? Invent worlds where monsters exist alongside humans?

In this teen camp we’ll be writing magical worlds, transforming the everyday with our imaginations. We’ll learn about the roots of magic realism, read examples of contemporary magical realism written for teens and adults, and use these examples to inspire our own magic realist worlds. Through short writing exercises, we’ll explore classic magic realism territory—dreamworlds, mythology, fable, and writing the fantastic alongside the real. Whether you’re a magic realism fan or totally new to the form…welcome to a unique and magical way of writing. 

Lisa Donovan is the author of Red of Split Water, from Trembling Pillow Press. She holds a Ph.D. from the University of Denver's Creative Writing Program, a M.F.A. from Brown University's Literary Arts Program, and studied with Dean Young, Tessa Rumsey, and James Galvin as an undergraduate at the University of Iowa. Dr. Donovan currently teaches at Trinidad State Junior College and has taught at the University of Denver and Brown University, among others. 

Note: Teen Studio Summer Camp is limited to 6 writers, age 13 and up. All levels welcome--register soon!  


1 week session
w/Lisa Donovan