Teen Authors Residency

Boulder Writing Studio's Teen Authors Residency (aka TAR) is a one-of-a-kind workshop & mentorship program designed to provide participating high school students & aspiring writers with ongoing instruction, private 1-on-1 editorial consultation, personal exposure to the publishing process, and a close-knit community of peers for the duration of the 9+ month program.

The Teen Author's Residency is an immersive journey into creative writing and craft, culminating in the production of a novel, a collection of short stories, or a chapbook of poems. High school students (grades 9-12) will have the opportunity to come together over the course of a 9-month period to conceive of and produce a book-length manuscript, which will then be bound and published in collaboration with Tattered Cover's Espresso Press in Denver.

The residency begins in mid-October with four consecutive workshops (Thursday evenings from 6:30-8:30pm), led by Studio Director Robert Gatewood and Youth Writing Instructor Tyler Lyman. During these initial meetings, student-writers will be introduced to and immersed in the essential elements of craft – dramatic structure, character development, narrative distance, figurative language, point of view, and much more. At the end of this 4-week phase of the residency, students will choose the form and subject of their writing projects (a coming-of-age novel about a blind pianist, eg), and begin the writing process. At this time students will also be paired with a writing mentor – Robert, Tyler or Libbi – who they will meet privately with once a month to discuss their progress, receive feedback on work-to-date, and make plans for the next month (private meetings will be scheduled individually each month; Studio mentors will work with the writers & their parents to accommodate everyone's busy schedules).

Beginning in December (excluding Spring & Winter breaks), students will continue to meet every other Thursday evening as a group to continue the development of their craft and discuss with their peers their trials, triumphs, questions and observations about the writing process in general and their individual projects specifically. The last of these meetings will take place on the evening of June 16th [see complete schedule at bottom of this page].

The residency will culminate in July [dates TBD] in a week-long "camp" format, M-F, from 9am-3pm. During this time, students will be guided through the process of copyediting their completed manuscript drafts by our team of writing mentors. Students will also design covers and backflaps for their books, learn the layout process and prepare their books in a print-ready format. Finalized proofs will then be sent to Tattered Cover's Espresso Press, where they will be printed & bound. Parents will have the opportunity to buy copies of their student's books in bulk. Participating student-writers in previous years have successfully used their books to supplement applications to prestigious university & colleges.

TAR 2015-16 Workshop Calendar