June 5th-July 10th


Storytelling Workshop: 
The Art of Humiliation

How can you turn the worst thing that ever happened to you into the best thing that ever happened to you? Turn it into a story to be told on stage. Storytellers transform their most mortifying experiences into healing moments through a trifecta of skills: creating a compelling narrative arc, finding closure, and connecting with the audience through sheer vulnerability.

In this 6-week workshop, you will develop, refine, finalize, memorize, and be prepared to “wow” your audience with your performance. Bring your ideas for Week One—your own personal experiences of humiliation—and we will hone in on your story, find the perfect structure and practice a method of delivery that brings you and your personality front and center. There is a robust Boulder/Denver scene awaiting your story, including such world-renowned performance events as “The Moth,” “Mortified,” and “Risk.” Students will receive feedback in a safe space from NY storyteller and speaker Alyssa Pinsker, who has performed to accolades at the Moth, Story Collider, How I Learned Series, Yum's the Word, New York Confidential and more. 

Alyssa Pinsker is a writer whose work has appeared in BBC Travel, Lonely Planet,,, Time Out New York, New York Post, New York Daily News, New York Press, Huffington Post, Forward, Sherman’s Travel, and more. Book anthologies include “The Hope,” edited by Menachem Creditor and “The Best Advice in Six Words” edited by Larry Smith. Pinsker is a travel and lifestyle editor for and a commentator for Huffington Post Live and the BBC World Service.


6 sessions
$335 | $305 (m)
w/Alyssa Pinsker