May 23rd-June 27th


6-week Character Lab

In movies, characters spring to life for us almost instantly. Before we've made a dent in our popcorn, we know what they want, what they fear, what their flaws are, and what the world looks like through their eyes. How is this achieved?

In this hands-on 6-week workshop, aspiring screenwriters will draft a series of opening sequences that introduce and establish vivid characters. Writers will be challenged to invoke different kinds of characters and use different methods and techniques of invocation--what they say, how they interact, and how they appear. 

An excellent way to practice the screenplay form and avoid the pitfall of vagueness that every writer confronts in the middle of their scripts, when the choices a character makes must turn on a well-established foundation of behavior and desire. 

Writers of all levels welcome. 

Note: First-time screenwriters are recommended to download free screenplay formatting software such as Celtx or Writer Duet. 


6 sessions
$335 | $305 (m)
w/Robert Gatewood