Project Screenplay 2015-16

Project Screenplay is a one-of-a-kind workshop/mentorship program designed to provide participating screenwriters with ongoing instruction, 1-on-1 editorial consultation, and a close-knit community of peers for the duration of the 8-month program. The goal of this workshop is for each writer to walk away with a completed draft of an original screen or teleplay.

The general structure of Project Screenplay includes 3 two-hour monthly group meetings on Wednesday evenings at Boulder Writing Studio, during which the group will engage in discussions on specific art & craft screenwriting topics and be provided with exercises and prompts tailored to support the development of their work.  Additionally, once a month each writer will meet with Robert for a 75 min. 1-on-1 consultation, during which time editorial suggestions and writing strategies for the upcoming month will be privately discussed and planned (screenwriters will be given the opportunity to submit new manuscript pages to Robert in advance of each of their 8 private consultations).

Robert will also provide writers with a comprehensive reading & review of their completed screenplays, including editorial notes, revision techniques and general strategies for the rewrite process. In addition to Robert's input, writers will receive feedback on their completed drafts by a minimum of 2 of their fellow writers.

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