Saturday, November 18th


Poetry Intensive: 
The Poetry of Desire

Desire is behind nearly every poetic impulse. Beyond eroticism, desire can be thought of in a broad sense—a restlessness or wanting that moves through spirituality, metaphysics, politics, and a daily investigation of world, and self.

But how do humans, and writers, manage the spectrum of desire in a world that’s overwhelmed by excess? How does the restlessness of desire move us and change us, for better or worse? Poets often wrestle with this in their work, and we will look closely at these ideas in this one-day workshop. In addition to reading work from relevant voices, we'll look at craft, aesthetic, and audience, as we write our own poems of desire.

Sarah McCall holds an MFA from Old Dominion University and is the former poetry editor of Barely South Review. Her work has appeared in Big MuddyFields MagazineJet Fuel Review, and other publications. 


1-day session
$75 | $65 (m)
w/Sarah McCall