July 18th-August 8th


Finding Inspiration in Other Poets

In this 4-week workshop, we will seek inspiration from twentieth- and twenty-first-century poets who write in a wide range of styles. Rather than trying to write exactly like others, the goal will be to adapt their methods to address our own concerns and worldviews.

We will isolate and experiment with a number of poetic techniques including close description, language play, concision, and symbolism.  In addition to offering feedback on each other’s work, we will also do in-class writing exercises inspired by the readings.  We will consider the work of such poets as Robert Creely, Elizabeth Bishop, James Merrill, W.S. Merwin, Lyn Hejinian, Jorie Graham, Brenda Hillman, and Anne Carson. 

Amanda Auerbach currently writes and teaches at the University of Iowa. Her first book of poems What Need Have We for Such as We is forthcoming from C&R Press in fall 2019. Her poems have appeared in The Paris Review, Boston Review, Fence, Denver Quarterly, Kenyon Review, Colorado Review, Conjunctions (online), Thrush Poetry Journal, and Poetry Northwest. In addition to writing poems, Amanda is also a scholar of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century British literature, having earned her PhD in English from Harvard in 2018. 


4 sessions
$225 | $205 (m)
w/Amanda Auerbach