November 13th-December 4th

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Personal Essay & Memoir:
Writing Scenes in Nonfiction

What, exactly, is a scene? Is it always made up of character, action, and dialogue? Can it be used in personal narrative—essay and memoir—the way it is in fiction?

In this 4-week intensive, we’ll look at the many kinds of scenes available to nonfiction writers, and how contemporary memoirists use these techniques to represent lived experience on the page. We’ll also look at the challenges of memory in scene-making—how writers construct scenes from what they do remember, and build honest material around what they don’t.

This is a generative workshop. Each week, we'll use our readings as writing prompts to develop original material—scenes close and distant, internal and active—drawn from our own lives.

All levels welcome. Ideal for those just starting out, and for writers looking to expand an existing project. 


4 sessions
$225 | $205 (members)
w/Carla Riccio