BWS Member News & Announcements

LIZA BEHLES, screenwriter & BWS member, recently published her comic article "Where Are They Now" about 80's rock song characters in McSweeny's online magazine. Congrats, Liza!

JESSIE AKOS, novelist & BWS member, recently signed with KT literary agency, who will represent Jessie's debut YA novel, "The Calculus of Change." Congrats, Jessie!


TOM GILBOY, novelist & BWS founding member, was recently offered a fellowship in Vermont, where he will spend two weeks fishing for the big metaphors. Congrats, Tom!

EVE ROSE, fiction writer & BWS founding member, was recently accepted into the prestigious NYU MFA program. Congrats, Eve!

JENNIFER DUNBAR, screenwriter & BWS member, was recently selected as a semi-finalist in Austin's Screenwriting Contest for her script "Non-Specific Sins." Congrats, Jennifer!