Boulder Writes

Boulder Writes is a series of free creative writing workshops for Boulder area residents. Led by Studio mentors, each workshop brings up to 12 writers together to learn, create, and connect in a supportive community.


Boulder Writes:
Writing as Play

Palindromes, lipograms, Exquisite Corpse. Since the 1920’s, writers have devised creative writing games to unlock new ideas and new writing. In this free 2-hour workshop with Lisa Donovan, we’ll focus on play, using techniques practiced by the Surrealists and Oulipo—games, variations, and collaborative experiments—to get fresh ideas on the page. 

Open to all genres and all levels. Come join the fun!

Saturday, July 13th
with Lisa Donovan

The Boulder Writes 2019 series is made possible by our generous donors:

Shannon Costello-Duster
Ilona Dotterer
Jennifer Dunbar
Germaine Gatewood
Thomas Hardy
Kristen Hayes
Libby Horton
Suzanne Junered
Catherine Sheridan
Jean Unger