January 19th


Poetry Intensive:
Is This Poem Any Good? 

Writing poems is difficult. Sometimes, a poem gets written, is considered, cherished, but then abandoned to the back of a sock drawer or within the fold of a book. Why is there such hesitation to share a poem?

Many poems are authored but set aside because it’s possible that, despite our best effort, the poem may not be any good. There’s little reason to despair because good poets write bad poems, but they revise them. Do you have a poem you are unsure about? If so, this workshop's for you. In this workshop you should expect to read your poem aloud, have that poem gently poked and prodded at, and do some short revision exercises just to see if you've given it fins instead of legs (or wings). 

All levels welcome!

Lisa Donovan is the author of Red of Split Water, from Trembling Pillow Press. She holds a Ph.D. from the University of Denver's Creative Writing Program, a M.F.A. from Brown University's Literary Arts Program, and studied with Dean Young, Tessa Rumsey, and James Galvin as an undergraduate at the University of Iowa. Dr. Donovan currently teaches at Trinidad State Junior College and has taught at the University of Denver and Brown University, among others. 


1 session
$75 | $65 (m)
w/Lisa Donovan