January 15th-February 12th


Short Story: Family Matters

Mark Twain once said, "Write what you know." If we take this advice at face value, the obvious first step is to write about our families. And yet, as fiction writers, we often avoid the dramatic riches closest at hand. 

In each week of this 5-week workshop, writers will be prompted to isolate a specific familial dynamic and dive into all of its ironies, inconsistencies and contradictions. We'll read and discuss stories that draw from the family and explore how different narrative techniques can successfully transmute our personal experiences into dramatic (or funny) works of fiction. Mothers, sisters, brothers, uncles and husbands welcome. 

NOTE: Registration closes on January 12th. Writers will be given a short assignment for the weekend preceding our first meeting. 


5 sessions
$280 | $255 (m)
w/Robert Gatewood