2015 Summer Writing Workshops                            June/July/August


3-Day Crash Course in Screenwriting:
Form, Format & First 5 Pages

For anyone who's ever had the thought, This would make a great movie!, here's your opportunity to take that thought to the next level. This workshop is designed to provide both beginner and working screenwriters with all the tools necessary to start and finish their original screenplay. Over the course of this 3-day intensive, studio director Robert Gatewood will guide writers through the foundational elements of the screenplay and its unique formatting system. We will also read and view select script excerpts and film clips in which these elements are clearly illustrated. In our final meeting, writers will be given the opportunity to present and receive feedback on the opening pages of their own original screenplay.


June 25, July 2, July 9
3 Sessions
Instructor: Robert Gatewood
$220/$198 (member rate)


Fiction 101: The Axe in the Ice

In this workshop beginner and practicing fiction writers will generate new work through a variety of experiments. As a part of this experience and as a way to mine for information and inspiration, we will continuously take inventory of our narrative preferences, tendencies, and aspirations. We will consider the relationship between form and content, look closely at language at the level of the line, and broadly at story development at the level of plot and structure. Additionally, we will investigate narrative theories and explore strategies to uncover fresh, powerful ways to articulate our ideas and tell our stories.

June 20 & 27, July 11 - Aug 15
8 Sessions
Instructor: Chris Rosales
$424/$382 (member rate)


Poetry as Play

This workshop welcomes poets who want to generate fresh new poems as well as those who want to practice assembling and arranging those poems into a manuscript.  We will do in-class writing exercises, respond to eachother’s poems, and create a group of poems that speak to each other as a interlocking manuscript.  Renowned poet Elizabeth Robinson will lead poets of all levels in this exploration of the dual joys of writing and editing.

Registration Closed/Full
6 Sessions
Instructor: Elizabeth Robsinson
$312/$281 (member rate)


Creative Nonfiction & Memoir

From memoir to magazine article, creative nonfiction is evolving in new and exciting directions. In this workshop, we will explore the rich terrain of creative non-fiction – including memoir, literary journalism, nature writing, biography, and history. Our main focus will be how to transform our expertise, experience and observations into compelling stories. Every attempt will be made to customize the workshop – including exercises, reading assignments and writing “prompts." Writers also will have the opportunity to submit original work and receive thoughtful feedback from the instructor and their peers.

June 23 - July 28
6 Sessions
Instructor: Elizabeth Robinson
$342/$308 (member rate)

The Year of the Novel

This unique workshop is set to launch for the 2nd time with new and even greater ambitions than those undertaken in our inaugural session: this year, the goal for instructor Robert Gatewood and participating writers will be to complete a rough draft of a novel within the first 6-8 months of the workshop, and to edit and complete a polished draft of the novel within the final 4-6 months.  A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to achieve a dream that many of us share: to actually write that novel we've always planned to write.

The 2015-2016 Year of the Novel will be limited to 8 writers participating in-house + 2  writers participating remotely.

For additional details about the 2015-16 YON workshop, please click the LEARN MORE button or contact Robert Gatewood at robert@boulderwritingstudio.org.


July 27/Aug 3, 2015- July 18 ,2016
32 Sessions
Instructor: Robert Gatewood
$3600/$3240 (member rate)
$3000 (remote rate)

One (1) remote spot remains

Contact Robert @
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Mini-Shops: 1-Day Craft & Specialty Workshops

Your First 10 Pages: How to Hook a Reader

Your first ten pages are about as far as an agent, a publisher or a reader will get before they decide whether or not your book is worth reading. In this class, we will talk about all the things those first ten pages need to be doing to really hook your reader so that he or she has no choice but to keep going. This will be an interactive class; participants will bring their first ten pages and shape them according to what we discuss in class so that you leave with a solid beginning that hooks a reader well. Anyone in the planning stages who has not quite gotten to the first ten pages yet is also welcome to come and take notes so that when you get to that stage, you’ll know exactly what needs to be done.     $59 member | $65 non-member

Saturday, August 8th
with Rachel Weaver

Show, Don't Tell: Sequential Storytelling

This one day workshop will focus on story telling without words, flow and composition of panels and pages and breaking down a written story into images and reversing the process from visuals into words. This is an introduction to “Images As Narrative Tools” and will focus on learning the skills to translate the words into images and images into words for graphic and comic book storytelling. Students will participate in exercises to develop these skills and be able to apply it to their own stories.  $89 member | $99 non-member

Sunday, August 9th
with Tom Studholme



Cape or No Cape? Creating Strong Characters for Comics

This one day workshop focuses on creating characters for the comic book/graphic novel medium using text and visuals. We will cover all the details: origin story, powers, costumes, personality, physical attributes and more.  Students will learn how to build strong characters from head to toe by developing their own, as well as how to develop a world and stories around these new characters.  $89 member | $99 non-member

Sunday, August 16th
with Tom Studholme

The Art of Storyboarding: The Comic Before the Comic

This one day workshop will focus on breakdowns, roughs, page composition, panel composition. This can be an especially helpful class for comic script writers to learn how to communicate what you want to the artist in a language they will understand. Relating the script to the art and the art to the script. Participants will break down a short story into storyboard form and have the ability to apply this skill to create their own graphic novels and comic books.
$89 member | $99 non-member

Sunday, August 23rd
with Tom Studholme

Generating Fresh Ideas for Fiction & Memoir Writers

In this class we’ll spend time writing from my favorite writing prompts I’ve collected or made up over the years. If you are looking for a way to spark a new writing project, breathe some new life into one that’s gone a little flat, spice up that sagging middle section of your novel or memoir, or are looking for a way to get to know your main character (whether it’s yourself or a made up one) better, come join us and get ready to open up some new doors.   $59 member | $65 non-member

Saturday, August 29th
with Rachel Weaver


Saturday, Sept 12th
with Chris Rosales

Images as Narrative Tools

This one day, advanced workshop will focus on story telling without words, flow and composition of panels and pages and breaking down a written story into images and reversing the process from visuals into words. Students will expand on their knowledge of translating words into visuals and visuals into words by writing their own stories or using stories they have written and from those, creating a short graphic story during this workshop. Students will be able to take the knowledge learned to finish work not completed during this workshop and continue to use this process successfully after completing this workshop.
$89 member | $99 non-member

Sunday, August 30th
with Tom Studholme

The Proof is in the Pudding (pt.2)
Finding the Soul of Your Short Story

Proof in the Pudding: All stories find their end organically; in a sense they write themselves. Judging our stories is, as Wimsatt and Beardsley say of poetry, "like judging a pudding or a machine. One demands that it work. It is only because an artifact works that we infer the intention of an artificer [...] Poetry succeeds because all or most of what is said or implied is relevant; what is irrelevant has been excluded, like lumps from pudding and "bugs" from machinery." We may not want to force the endings to our stories, but we should learn to listen better to what they say is most relevant to our telling. $59 member | $65 non-member


Translating Words into Pictures: The Comic Book Form

This one day workshop will explore how to communicate ideas visually and understanding the medium of comics and graphic novels. The idea of the visuals being an extension or replacement for text. We will explore the medium of Comic books and graphic novels and how to utilize the medium successfully. Students will explore and understand how to use images as a form of communication and create their own visual from this knowledge, create their own visual tales.  $89 member | $99 non-member

Sunday, September 6th
with Tom Studholme

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